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  • Voigtlander 35 mm F2.0 APO Lanthar Aspherical

    APO_LANTHAR-35mm-F2-VM Kopie.jpgVoigtlander's commitment to lens craftsmanship finds its pinnacle in the 35 mm F2.0 APO Lanthar Aspherical VM lens. Designed to deliver a supremely extraordinary imaging performance, this lens emerges as arguably the most potent 35mm offering from Voigtlander to date.

    Engineering Behind the Excellence

    The lens boasts an intricate optical arrangement composed of 11 lens elements spread across 9 groups. Integral to its design are two double-sided aspherical elements and five with abnormal partial dispersion. This is supplemented by floating elements engineered for optimal focusing performance. The lens’s apochromatic color correction, combined with a superior multi-coating, perfects its technically sophisticated design.

    Bokeh Brilliance

    One of the standout features is the lens’s capacity to produce a circular and balanced bokeh. This is achieved thanks to the 12 aperture blades that form a round opening at multiple aperture values, including F2.0, F2.8, F5.6, and F16. Such precision ensures that point light sources manifest as beautiful circular bokeh in images.

    Unparalleled Versatility

    ApoLantharVM_35_f20-046.jpgWhile optimized for Leica M cameras, the lens doesn’t confine its prowess there. Photographers can also employ it with Fuji X cameras and Nikon Z models. To facilitate this, Voigtlander offers the perfect Nah + system adapters. Such versatility underscores its position as a formidable tool in the wide-angle focal length domain.

    Design & Aesthetic Appeal

    lens-construction-APO-35mm-F2.0-VM.jpgWith its unique panel construction, the lens empowers photographers with a high degree of creative freedom, promising a distinct look for each shot. It boasts a sleek black finish, and for those looking to further enhance its aesthetic appeal, an optional lens hood (LH-13) is available for the VM version, while the E-mount iteration comes with a standard lens hood.

    Key Features Snapshot:

    • M-Bayonet (VM) Mount
    • Prime 35 mm focal length
    • Aperture Ratio of 1:2,0
    • Advanced lens construction with 11 elements in 9 groups
    • Wide-angle view of 63.6°
    • Close focusing distance of 0.5m
    • Weight: 304g for optimal balance
    • Filter size of 49mm

    In conclusion, the Voigtlander 35 mm F2.0 APO Lanthar Aspherical lens is not just another addition to the world of photography. It’s a statement of Voigtlander’s vision – to create tools that inspire unparalleled imagery, pushing boundaries in lens engineering and offering photographers the very best in imaging technology.

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