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  • Voigtlander 21 mm F1.8 Ultron Aspherical

    21mm_F1_8_Ultron__VM_liegend.pngUnlock new realms of wide-angle photography with the Voigtlander 21 mm/1:1,8 Ultron VM. This masterpiece seamlessly combines a large viewing angle and a considerable aperture, making it the perfect tool to ignite your creative potential.

    Limitless Creative Possibilities

    Experience the unique blend of a vast viewing angle and expansive aperture, providing countless opportunities for creative design. Whether it's capturing vast landscapes or dynamic street scenes, the 21 mm/1:1.8 Ultron ensures every shot is a masterpiece.

    Unparalleled Bokeh in Wide-Angle

    21mm_F1_8_Ultron__VM_stehend.pngWith 10 diaphragm blades, this lens promises an exquisite bokeh even in the wide-angle range - a feat that's truly extraordinary. This lens covers an impressive diagonal angle of view of 91 degrees, ensuring that no detail is left uncaptured.

    Compact Design with Impressive Specs

    21mm_F1_8_Ultron_LC_VM_.jpgThe 1.8/21 mm Ultron is ergonomically designed, with a length of 78.4 millimeters and a weight of 412 grams, making it a comfortable fit for long shooting sessions. It also boasts a permanently installed sun visor, ensuring that you get the perfect shot, every single time.


    The Voigtlander 21 mm/1:1,8 Ultron VM isn't just another lens in the market; it's a revolution in the wide-angle segment. For photographers aiming for both precision and creativity, this lens promises a fusion of both, delivering unparalleled results.

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