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Ferry Zievinger

D-Lux4/LX-3 Challenge No. 6: TIME - Post your votes here from Oct 8 to Oct 14

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Please post in this thread your votes for D-Lux4/LX-3 Challenge No. 6: TIME between October 8 and October 14 and I shall announce the winner shortly afterward.


Regrettably votes cast after October 14 will not be counted.


The entries are here.




Votes may then be cast on the following basis:


Three points for best, two points for second and one point for third, in the format:


Member XXXX - 3 points

Member YYYY - 2 points

Member ZZZZ - 1 point


Please quote the member's name not the title of the entry.


You MUST cast three votes in total - one or two votes will be regarded as a "spoiled ballot" and not counted in the overall total.


One vote per member, no voting for your own image.


Many thanks, and please get voting!



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Caryl-3 pts

Pete-2 pts

griffster 1pt


Sorry I couldn't participate this time...the "timing" was off:rolleyes:

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...and the voting from the Frimley jury is as follows:


First - Griffster, "Time Warp" - 3 points

Second - Farnz, "Precious Seconds" - 2 points

Third - Carylwithay, "Sand Timer" - 1 point


Like Virgil, I regret not being able to participate on this one - time, ironically, ran out on me...


Thanks to Ferry for a very well-run round.





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Thank you very much to everyone who posted and everyone who voted, great photos from all of you very creative. Well Done!


The final scores are in and with a gap of 5 points between each entry the top three is as follows:


1st: farnz (Pete) with 20 points


2nd: griffster with 15 points


3rd: carylwithay (Caryl) with 10 points



Congratulations to Pete and I am passing the "baton" back to you, hopefully I can get it back after the next Challenge

I am sure you can come up with a great subject.



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Thanks, Ferry, and thanks you very much everyone who so generously voted for my entry and thanks of course to everyone who took part.


I am leaving tomorrow for the One Challenge in Malta, as are others, so for D-Lux4/LX-3 Challenge No. 7 I'd like to leave a longer period for taking shots to allow people more time (4 weekends) to think about how they will approach the subject and construct their picture.



The dates for D-Lux4/LX-3 Challenge No. 7 are as follows:

Picture taking: from now until 15th November (4 weeks)

Posting: 16 November to 29th November (2 weeks)

Voting: 30th November to 13th December (2 weeks)


The subject is: POWER


I will start a separate thread and post these details there and when we've managed to get a new sub-forum started for Power I'll start the appropriate threads there.


Please note that the rules are the same as Ferry so ably set out for D-Lux4/LX-3 Challenge No. 6.


Good luck and for newcomers who have a D-Lux 4 or an LX-3 please have a go! It's completely free, at worst you'll have an enjoyable experience and learn something and at best you could win the Challenge!


Go on - have a go!!


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