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What to replace APX 100 with?


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I've always liked a lot the combination of Agfa APX 100 in Rodinal 1+50. There is a «silvery» look to it, a sharpness, a glow, which I have not found with other films. Now, I'm down to my last five or six rolls in 135 or 120, and I'm looking for another medium speed film to replace it. What would come close? Any idea? Thanks.

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Also available at:




I wouldn't worry about supplies at the moment. Agfa did a massive production run before going 'phut'. The stock has all been in freezers but now it is going out of date it's being pushed out to the market, hence the price dropping over the last six months or so.


I have a small freezer for APX in 100 & 400 and I will probably fill it before the stuff disappears. Currently I have around 300+ rolls in there.


These may be of interest over on APUG:


Mirko, the chief of Adox/Fotoimpex has future Plans for Agfa style film


Agfafoto thread


Mirko is dedicated to supplying film and paper but some people are too impatient and think he can just switch on the machinery and produce. In the end it is well worth waiting for. The man has just brought back MCC & MCP papers.

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Foma 100/Arisa Edu Ultra 100 has a very similar look and similar speed.


I used to use APX as my main film, but honestly, there are plenty of good films out there. I use FP4+ & D100 as my mainstays, but prefer the look of Foma 100. I have found that after abandoning Foma 200 for terrible QC in both stocks of 120 and 35mm I had, that while blemish free, I find the 100 very prone to what I can only assume are surge marks, in dense areas of. Never seen this before with any other film before or since... its odd because the increased desnity is in the area of film BETWEEN sprocket holes not directly underneath them, which you would expect from surge issues. V odd, but I am sick of trying to find solutions to film problems with Foma so am back to Ilford exclusively. NEVER had a problem with them...

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Get Arista EDU Ultra 100 from Freestyle Photo. It is rebranded Fomapan 100, which is close to APX100. It is very inexpensive. Compared to APX100, I do find that the Fomapan 100 curls more.


Freestyle Photographic Supplies - Traditional Black & White Film, Paper, Chemicals, Holgas and ULF


Freestyle was also rebranding APX 100 as Arista II 100. I'm not sure if they have any of it left. It may still be available in 100ft rolls.


Freestyle rebrands a number of films under it's Arista name offers them at a more affordable prices:

Arista EDU Ultra 100 = Fomapan 100

Arista EDU Ultra 200 = Fomapan 200

Arista EDU Ultra 400 = Fomapan 400

Arista II 100 = APX 100

Arista II 400 = APX 400

Arista Premium 100 = Plus-X

Arista Premium 400 = Tri-X

Legacy Pro 100 = Neopan 100 Acros

Legacy Pro 400 = Neopan 400 Presto

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This has been my problem too since that was my main film. Here in USA all supplies dried up last year, except for the Rollei Retro through Freestyle. FP4 and Plus-X are great too, but way too expensive at over $5/roll.


I can't wait for the new APX100 and 400 to show up over here (if they ever do). On my recent trip to Germany I found Agfaphoto APX100, and it was great, but can't get it over here.

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@markos4: Photo Warehouse have been selling APX100 for years, I have a several years supply of the stuff from them. Their stocks are dwindling, but they are still selling it now as "private labeled" in 24exp cannisters. This is almost certainly the bulk film they had that they've rolled themselves.


Here's the link: Agfa APX 100 B & W Films

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