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New photo book - Cuba (M8)

Nick De Marco

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Just published my first self-publish book, portraits of people from Cuba.

On Blurb.


Please take a look/preview

CUBANS | By Nick De Marco | Category: Arts & Photography | Blurb


I am delighted with the quality of the prints in this book - seems like the way to go.


All of the photos taken in the book were on my old M8


Very interested to receive your comments





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An excellent book with some outstanding shots! I particularly like that the book and its pictures don't tread that weary old road of showing Cuba as a place of poverty, grime and decay but concentrates on the people and their personalities, which shine.


I have placed my order and perhaps you would be so kind as to sign it for me at a forum members' meeting in the future.



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Lovely stuff Nick...congrats on having this book published.....am I right in guessing you're a frustrated photographer who has to moonlight as a barrister?!


Kind of... But being a barrister means I can take long holidays and take lots of photos of what I like when I like. If I was a professional photographer I expect I would get pretty frustrated, would not be good enough to earn the same money I could as a barrister, wouldn't be able to take the photos I wanted when I wanted, and might just miss the arguing. So pretty happy with the current set up!


Good stuffs!!! Just in time for M9 launch!!! Check out M9 catalog.


I shall look at the M9 catalogue - but won't be buying an M9 right now.




Love the book.


I'm just putting together my first book too and wondered if you had any tips? You know the ones, things I would do differently for my next book.


I am a little concerned about sharpening. Did you sharpen your images for print output?




The only real hint I would give about using blurb etc for books is the obvious one - print one copy first. I made some quite significant changes to some of the lay out, picture darkness/lightness and sharpening (which by and large I found was necessary) after looking at the first book (although even the first the quality was far more impressive than I had thought.



Another thing - I had read stuff denigrating about the quality of b&w printing in blurb books and probably used more colour than I would have otherwise as a result. However, the two black and white prints in the book came out very well and I would be happy to do a black and white only book this way too.

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Very impressive Nick. I've been thinking about putting a Blurb book together since my trip to Galapagos last year and this has made my mind up that I need to do it.


Terrific photographs and layout; not too many images which I think would make it look too busy.


Best regards, Tom





Photography by Tom Lane

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Nick. these are terrific. I especially like the two that span 2 pages. You chose ones where the missing detail (in the fold) doesn't matter. Very cool.


I also like that Blurb now lets you view an entire bookl. This is a great change from them.



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Over the past two years, I feel Blurb.com has gotten better and better. More design options, better color management, better tools all around. I really like your Cuba book Nick. It's wonderful. I am hoping to be in Cuba soon--Nov. 6-14 as of now. It was fun to see the image of the guy from the cover of the Lonely Planet guide book on Cuba. If you wouldn't mind my asking, do you remember where you came across him? He looks like an interesting person. Any other advice on traveling and photographing in Cuba would be great too. I will be in Havana about 4 days, then to Trinidad and perhaps a third spot. Again, nice book!

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