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Do NOT buy one of these...


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Agfaphoto Digital Photo Frame AF5135MS


I bought one in order to experiment with displaying video from my 5D II and when it turned out not to be very useful for that, I went into Lightroom, selected my entire library and filtered it to three stars or better then quickly deleted all copies and iterations until there were about a thousand shots. Quick export to JPEG, dump to SD card, plug in and watch.




Firstly, like Phil Askey at DP Review, I quickly learn that most of my favourites are from Digital M. Secondly, I learn that these screens are very high quality and much better to look at than a print in many respects. Thirdly, I learn that it is possible to spend over two hours eating a banana.


Finally, I find some old friends such as these two from an MP, scanned; Neopan I think but no EXIF (like the M8 and 9 I have no accurate record of the aperture I used...)


So like I say, don't buy one. It is very very time consuming!







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The Pictures are lovely (especially the first one)

What was the banana like?


Thanks Jono! Even at this size you can see that a properly exposed piece of film has a gentler 'shoulder' of rolloff into whites...


The banana was is immaterial, as Lady Bracknell might have said...

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