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apo-telyt-R 1:3.4/180 serial # 2815XXX


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I have had difficulty finding a uv filter for my apo-telyt-R 1:3.4/180 serial # 2815XXX


The filter ring for the lens is: 14222 VII/VIII. Is this a difficult filter to locate?




You have an 'early' version of the lens which takes Series 7.5 filters. Series filters do not have a thread rather, are held by a retaining ring - in your case the 14222 ring.


The later Apo-Telyt versions used 60mm filters which are easier to come by. You may be able to find an adapter from Series 7.5 to 60mm. Use a caliper to measure the 14222's diameter - I don't remember what it was in mm's. Once you have the 14222's adapter mm sizing, look for an adapter which will screw into the Telyt and accept 60mm filters.


Careful about getting an adapter for filter sizes larger than 60mm - you will not be able to extend the lens hood.


Hope it makes sense.....





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I had the same lens which came with the filter ring but no filter. I was lucky enough to locate a used one from a Leica dealer [this was close to 10 years ago]. Contacting independent filter manufacturers [Hoya, B&W, etc] directly may be your best bet if you want a 7.5.

I only wanted mine for occasonal use so I wasn't too particular about the condition of my filter.

Great lens, have fun with it.

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