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Ordinary heroes of 2nd WW


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Hi all,


I met today these three men coming out from a commemoration.

From left to right: Mr Dreyfus, Potaschmann and Sanspeur (what a name wich means in french without fear!).


They were engaged for the first one in the 1st army "Rhin et Danube" and for the 2 others in the 2nd DB of General Leclerc and they participated in the liberation of Paris in August 1944.


It has been an honor to talk to them and take their picture. (That I will send to them)


All the best,



Second World War Books: History Page

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dear All,


Thanks for your comments.

I went to them to tell them that I and my wife were thankfull to them and all of the brave young men of the D Day;

They just told me that nobody told them that for so many years, that I was ashamed for my generation (and I am 50!), not to speak for the youngers.


Europe is another world now but we must never forget.


PS Ben feel free to PP the pic as you like and show us.


All the best,


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Hi Maurizio,

Thanks for commenting.

I agree their eyes tell a lot of the past.


Yes 35 cron asph.

The more I use it the more I love it.

I can't wait to use it FF as my M9 should arrive in few days now.


Warm regards,


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Jean-Luc, this picture goes straight to the heart. You are right when you say Europe is different now, but we just have to thank men like them if we can drink our freedom any day.

Their faces tell a lot indeed, but I would love to sit with them in a bistrot sipping a glass of Sancerre and listen to their stories.

Great picture for composition, moment, quality and moment.

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