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Collecting LEICA M9 sites

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Dear all,


I'm going to prepare a special page with links to all sites related to the new LEICA M9.


Please help me in finding new sites and post them in this thread:


  • URL (web address)
  • Language
  • Category (review, comment, portfolio, video etc.)
  • A short description


Thanks in advance!



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My own Leica M9 page with samples, tricks, videos, etc.

leica.overgaard.dk - Thorsten Overgaard's Leica Pages - Leica M9 Digital Rangefinder Camera


David Farkas' splendid blog on Leica M9 (and M lenses, S2, etc)

David Farkas Photography Blog: Leica M9 Review: Shooting in Wetzlar, Germany


Steve Huff's Leica M9 review should be up after the weekend. Till then there's the Summilux reviews:



Sean Reid's review of the Leica M9:



The Luminous Landscape Leica M9 and Leica lens reviews

The Luminous Landscape


"Love at First Sight" Leica M9 review at NikonWeb.com

Leica M9 - love at first light


LFI Leica M9 Master gallery with pictures of Chris Weeks, Brett, Jonathan Slack, Bruno Stevens, Denniz Saylan and Ronald Schmidt.

LFI Gallery - Galerie > Fotografen-Galerie > M9


Birgit Krippners gallery of M9 photos beginning here:



Chris Weeks 3-part (40 minutes) M9 video on street photography:

Chris Weeks on Vimeo


That should be enough for a good afternoon and evening in company with the Leica M9. I'm sure there is lots more :-)

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I'll be posting M9 images on my site from middle November - they'll be mixed up with other Leicas though - I do not differentiate on gear.

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Thanks Jono. Will try to keep it updated. Will post my own experiences coming months.

Right now Leica seems to have some delay of 1 or 2 weeks for delivery of the M9 because they had to send back a batch of poor LCD sreens to the supplier.

Kind regards,


Herb Sennet Photography - Nature Images in Fine Prints

Edited by Herb Sennet

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How democratic

And that from somebody with about the same eclectic collection of Leica camera types as I have:o:D

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My modest contribution can be found here:Tulip Frenzy


English, non-pro paean to the camera I've been waiting for for, well, seems like forever. JB

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