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Silver Fast 4x faster than ICE ?


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For what it's worth, received this update.

Didn't try it yet though.


We are happy to announce another powerful SilverFast highlight. Instead of using the slow ICE® with your Epson Scanner, you can now enjoy the very fast and higher quality producing SilverFast iSRD® (infrared Smart Removal of Defects). With iSRD® the scan process is only a fraction of the time (compared to scanning with ICE®). In addition you can also successfully process Kodachromes as well as difficult black and white images with SRD's layer technique. Fine-tuned user control and applying the combination of iSRD® and SRD® optionally onto certain regions prevent loosing image details.


Enjoy scanning with your Epson Perfection V 750 Pro with highest quality and up to 4 times faster with activated dust and scratch removal than with ICE®.

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Silverfast has had this feature for quite a while.

It is a software that picks out and removes white or black dots on a scanned image. You select the size and you can run it multiple times.

I tried it and I ended up taking out grain and detail that I didn't want gone. I guess if you don't have ICE and don't get carried away, and master the learning curve and run the process over and over again and----------------------------- well I guess you get the picture.

Easier and quicker to use the healing tool in photoshop and you get better results.

I'm a fan of Silverfast, But!!!

Polaroid came up with this same solution for dust and scratches back when it had the Sprintscan 4000 Scanner. The scanner was quite good for it's time. This may be the same software, re-packaged and modified.

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