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m8/m8.2 firmware upgrade - i'm hopeful!


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do you think that leica, as part of their lifelong upgrade promise will shortly offer a firmware update for the m8/m8.2? this could include, other than new lens profiles some of the functions currently available on the m9 such as the "soft" and "soft+discrete" shutter activation modes and manual lens selection? these are surely programmable. discrete mode was eventually offered as an upgrade for the m8 about 3 months after the m8.2 was launched after great public outcry so i think it's also possible they could do the same. leica may have discontinued production of the m8/m8.2 from the date it started producing the m9 as well as deciding to omit it from the new catalogue but somehow i still remain hopeful of suprises for their first digital rangefinder prodigy


my apologies if this has already been recently discussed here

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