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Service cost for lens?


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I'm probably going to buy a v3 or v4 35mm Summicron.

Does anybody know how much Leica charges (approx.) for servicing a used lens? I'm thinking, cleaning, lubricating, possible some adjusting.

And do you get a years warranty on the lens after having it done?

Thank you for your help, Nick

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I've recently paid for a service/adjustment and it was a little over 300 Euro. Bear in mind, though, that I asked for a couple of specific things, one of which was to clean an internal element (inside of the rear one). If they don't have to take apart the optical cell then I'd imagine it'd be less but I can't say for sure.


I've not seen specific mention of warranty post-service but then I've not looked for it and I don't have the paperwork with me at present. There will undoubtedly be some kind of warranty associated with the service.

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