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m9 and default frame lines


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forgive me if this question has already been asked and answered but I have not found it yet.


when attaching the 21 mm m lens or any other lens that requires a separate view finder

which frame line will be visible in the main finder? On the .72 cameras I thought this was the fifty mm frame set but the question has come up in the dp review leica talk so now I am not so sure.

so any one with an M9 and 21 put it on your camera and tell me what frame line shows in the view finder. thanks John

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Does it really matter since you need a external VF for the 24, 21 and wider lenses.


Sorry I don't have a M9 but I would suspect it will be the same as on a film M with x.72 finder. All the other framelines are the same as on a film M and all 21mm lenses have the same, or are supposed to have the same, lens mount.

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Framelines are important with both the M8 and the M9 as the lens identification works not only from the 6-bit coding, but also from the position of the frame lever. So both must agree.


21mm lenses must key in the 28/90 frames.

24mm, as stated above, need 24/35/135.


The old man from the Age of Wire-Frame Finders

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