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Some new shots from the M9


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Please go to my Blog for my most recent images from the M9. The images in the last two posts are all taken with the M9...


Oliver Fox Photography


I'm enjoying the camera so far, but have major guilt and sadness over putting the MP to one side whilst I get familiar with the M9. Film is cool, but not as easy and it's pricey to buy and process (in colour). It's the same old situation - you can't get passionate about a digital camera, but it's the future.


Thanks, Oli.


PS:- Some folk have asked me to confirm which lens I have used for which shot, but I have to apologise and say that I can't remember. Largely the images are taken with a 50mm lens (Summicron versus Nokton) and the 28mm (Elmarit) images should be fairly obvious.


Others have asked me to justify my initial comments that I felt the quality at higher ISO settings was better than the Nikon D700. I may be backing down from this, but not in a huge way. Quality is good, but perhaps not D700 or £5k good.

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