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M8 and Summilux 35


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I have just bought a Summilux 35 in preparation for making it my standard lens when I eventually get a M9. I went for the Lux in preference to the Cron for its low light capabilities and the facility to compose with differential focussing. Previous comments on this forum about the lens has made me aware of potential problems with focus shift, but Reid Reviews did not seem to think that the problem was too significant.


On receiving the lens, I found that it was exhibiting both back focus and the worst case of chromatic aberration I have ever seen. It was not a case of pixel peeping to see the latter, it was clearly visible with the full image displayed on the screen. To be on the safe side, I had also run the focus test with some of my other lenses to rule out a focusing error on my M8. I did not get around to checkling for focus shift before returning the lens as I already knew that I did not want it! When I spoke to the dealer, he said that it was the second Lux 35 he had sold that week that had had back focus issues.


The dealer wants to let Leica make a repair as there are currently no new lenses available in the country. With two significant faults, my preference is to wait for a replacement, which is what I have told the dealer.


Has anyone else experienced anything similar and is it possible that the two faults are in any way related? It would be useful to have this information for any subsequent discussion with the dealer about what to do next.





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Hi Mike


I have a back focus issue with my 35lux asph and my M8.2. The focus is perfect at 1.4 and after 5.6, but not between 2 and 4.

The lens and the camera went back to Solms for adjustement. After 3 weeks, the camera came back with the same problem. So I guess they can't do anything for it....



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Guys, and welcome, I would advise the search function. There are dozens of threads on the Summilux 35 asph, the M8 and focussing. The lens exhibits focus shift, which means the focus plane shifts as you stop down. Therefore it is a very difficult lens on the M8. Don't expect any Summilux 35 asph to focus correctly out of the box.

As for the CA you are seeing, it may not be CA at all. Try using one of the latetest versions of C1 for your RAW converting, and I bet you a beer it will disappear instantly.

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