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old TMX 100


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Hi Guys,

can I have some advice . I have been given 10 rolls of Kodak T-Max 100 which is well past it's best before date (1997). My question is what would be a good place to start as regards exposure and developing. Should I expose @ 100 asa and develop for 50 asa ?


What would you guys suggest.


Thanks up front...... David :o)

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Make 6 exposures on one roll and cut off 12" and test it. Make some exposures at 32,40,64, 80, 100 and develope 8.75 min in D76. 68 deg agitation 5 sec every thirty. Find a full tonal range subject with textured whites and blacks, say a cross lit white stucco house with black shutters.


If you see significant base fog, ie darkened area between frames, and around sprocket holes, consider tossing it. If you can make good prints, use the rest of the roll and freeze the balance in a sealed container.

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Hi David,


From the older films we do not guarantee that we can get pictures, but usually about 90% of the films we process do have pictures.

Can be read at: Black and White Film Developing

So my guess is to shoot the film at ISO 100 and develop it in new/fresh developer.

I would use Ilfosol 3 or Rodinal


Hope this is some help.

Kind regards


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To be perfectly honest the north sea sounds good.

D76 might be more forgiving and the rodinal I would stay away from unless it was in stand development.

I know we are comparing apples and pears here with TMax Trix, but amusingly, from a sweaty rusty can 100' bulk Trix of '96 vintage, at the beginning of the year I belted off a dozen rolls, and since I have used only rodinal since about 2003 I developed the first half dozen in that. The results were unsalvageable negatives that I put down to old film in and out of freezers unopened but with at least three owners and god knows what. The last six rolls were up on a shelf to be thrown out without wasting further developer.

On a whim I stand developed three of the remainder in a three tank in Rodinal last night for something to do and was really pretty surprised at the result. Local exhaustion looks after the hights, the no agitation looks after the grain size and clumping. So its pretty gentle on old film of dubious heritage. And in a rare winner I went downstairs and found I hadnt thrown out the remainder of the bulk roll. Will use it for shooting in so to speak, but probably not for anything serious. What I wont do is normal develop it unless I do a gentle D76 (ID11), which like I said I have been away from for seven odd years.

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I was given some 120 T-max 100 dated 1996 so I loaded my Mamiya C220 I had also been GIVEN by a Club member and took it on a trip to London, and rated the film with my Weston Master V meter at 50ASA, developed in Geoffrey Crawley Formula FX4 1+1 for 8 mins and the negs were wonderful ! I made some 20x16" prints to show at my Club and got several 'stickers' and one of the photos has been shown recently in London at the British Egyptian Society photo competition!

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