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Fruits and a few nuts on Larchmont


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Woke up in time for the farmers market setup, all the strawberries are being turned to look their best for opening at 9am, a few customers are braving the hand trucks.


M8 (what a wonderful totally not-obsolete camera) with Nokton 50mm 1.1 wide open.



Taking a moment



Feels just right, possible fresher than the 500 other peaches.



Cleaning up the corn cobs



Matching vases available.


C&C always welcome.



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Thank you Kirk,


I had no intentions of getting up so early, but it happened and there were a rare overcast so I grabbed the camera and head out. Normally I pick the 35mm but I have really been enjoying WPalank's images lately and noticed that LFI said he do most of them with a 50lux... evidently he take magical images with a 50lux, I take sharp image.. hmm.



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Robert, Mike, virgil, Michael and Paul. Thank you for looking.


LOL.. Michael, I will keep that advise in mind.


Paul, thank you sir. I tried getting more comfortable working slower and smoother, until now I have felt a bit rushed shooting spaces like this. Getting ones head in the right place really does help, these are some of the most deliberate images I have taken in a market space.



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