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A friends wedding


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Went to a friends wedding and took the M8.2 with just the 50mm Summicron.


Out of courtesy I spoke to the official photographer and made sure he was ok with me grabbing a few shots for B&W purposes and assured him I would not get in his way.


He was not rude but had the personality of a brick, he proceeded after noticing the M8 to sarcastically say they are now owned by a Japanese company (jealousy or ignorance kicking in?) and that he is a "Professional Photographer" doing weddings, portraits and running training courses!! - I feel he could benefit taking a communications course as he rushed around a lot and was obviously trying desperately to maximise the images he could take but without conveying his wishes and engaging with the attendees - still, his is not an enviable task.


I did however, stay out of his way and grabbed a few images that I have converted to B&W and added a soft tone below:

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Lovely images, I do believe British wedding dresses have a deeper cut than most I have seen.. my my.


You captured the emotions very well, number 1 and 3 would surely have sold in most of my wedding jobs.


Agree a bit with Kirk, on the exposure, commercially speaking brides like more texture in the dress, but personally I really like the look you got out of these.. so I would probably try to sell her on the look instead. ha ha.


Its a sorry position for a wedding photographer to take a aggressively defensive stance. if nothing else it looks insecure. I always encourage people to shoot away, after all if I manage to miss a image, chances are somebody have it.


Well done.



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Thanks Gents for the tips.


I have gone back to the originals and worked on the highlights so there is now more texture showing in both the veil and the dress.


The intention is to give her these as toned images to do as she wants with, they are good friends and I feel sure they are having to pay the "Official photographer" a lot of money as I am sure his invoice will be as big as his ego!

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Thanks again for the comments.


Enrico, we have a habit in the UK of giving the bride a horshoe and rather than a real one they are normally cardboard and silver in colour, it is just a symbol of good luck for their married life.


If you look at photo 1, you will see that the confetti that is thrown is in various shapes including bells and horshoes..........old British customs but less painful than throwing the real thing!

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