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Brother can you spare one.....

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M8 with 50mm Summilux ASPH

C&C welcome.


Taken on a Photowalk with Ben (rougewave) through New York's Harlem in front of the Apollo Theatre, Michael Jackson Wall.




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Kirk, Virgil, Bo, Enrico, Stu, and Graeme, thank you for taking the time to comment.


Ben, thank you for your guidance and companionship my friend. Even if we still can't come to terms with the context of "cross over to the next train" as opposed to "cross OVER to the next train". ;)


Maurizio my amigo, sorry we missed each other by about a week and a half. Next time, Italia! Thanks for taking care of Theresa, she had a great time with your guidance.


Mark and Ian, thank you. Since you asked:

In Lightroom, I first processed the image to my liking and then went into Nik Color Efex Pro, Tonal Contrast which gives you control separately in the Midtones, Shadows and Highlights, along with Saturation. Then by mistake, I sent the image back into Tonal Contrast (thereby doubling the effect) and surprisingly liked the effect as it really brought the contrast out of the wall forward. But it was a little to strong. As LR doesn't support Layers, I cancelled the second dose and sent the version into CS4. Here I used NCEP Tonal Contrast again, which put it on it's own layer allowing me to reduce the opacity. Still it left a very grisly effect on the gentleman on the lefts black shirt so I sent it through Nik Classical Soft Focus which with a Layer mask painted this new filter only on his shirt and a few minute areas at a very low opacity to tone it down.


As I and others have said before, this grunge effect seems to work best on strongly front lit subjects. Oh, here's the original pretty much straight out of camera with just a little contrast, sharpening and some burning in of the corners.




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There is so much to look at. That background really makes the figures pop out. Even straight from the camera the image has a unique look due to that background. The gestures of both men, their casualness and look all work well together. Very well seen William. I would have spent some time looking at that wall.


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