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Leica M polariser and film

Nick De Marco

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Funny, I read before I had one how polarisers are not really so good on rangefinders but better on SLRs. Now I have used them on both I actually prefer tis old Leica one on my M camera.


First, I can see what it will do by clipping up the ring over the viewfinder, so the SLR has little advantage. But second I can compose and if I want take a pic with the polariser up, and slip it down when I want. No need to keep screwing it on and off.


Plus as it is E39 fitting it fits my Summicron 35 and 50, my Voigtlander 35 f2.5 and my CV 28 f3.5, so no nee to buy many


Not that I expect to use one often on an M, but if I do this works fine

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