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Folders on D-Lux 4


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Jack, Ed Chatlos "the Shootist" is the specialist on renumbering. I'm only guessing:


IIRC, folder numbers roll over at a particular point, which I think is 999 images.


The camera will always start at the next higher number than either:

a) its last image number; or

B) the highest number on the card.


So: Try creating a folder with the highest folder number the camera would create on its own. Take a picture. Remove the card, put it into your card reader, and use your computer to renumber the file with the last number the camera would generate before rolling over.


Reinsert the card and take a picture. I think that will reset the camera's numbering to its lowest possible, generating a low-number folder with a low-number file.



That procedure may not even be necessary. You could start here and see if this works. (If not, then do the above before continuing here):


Remove the card from the camera. Create or copy a folder to a blank, just-formatted card that has the folder-name you want to use. Put into that folder a file with the highest number prior to where you want the numbering to restart. Take a picture. Again, I think that will generate a file with the number you want.



Good luck. Sorry that Ed hasn't responded here; he usually jumps in when he sees a renumbering thread. :(



Failing assistance here, I'd ask Leica's technical service advisers.

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