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stepping over the gap


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paul, enrico, virgil - thank you, especially for the nice reference to hcb ... :-)

indeed i wanted to take advantage of nico's play to capture the 'moment' (someone on this forum wrote that photography before everything is about position and timing - well taken in my view). i realized that more often than not i'm too impatient and hit the release buttom a bit early (such as in image 2) - maybe my past with my slow d-lux 3 is still haunting me ... :-)

@ enrico - glad you liked the b&w treatment. i experimented with different techniques for enhancing contrast and sharpness. when i apply these things to the entire picture i get strange structures in the off-focus regions and nice bokeh goes away. therefore i started to selectively enhance contrast and sharpness where it's really needed - i prefer the result much more ...


have a nice evening ...



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hi guys,

thanks a lot for your feedback, glad you liked my shots ... :)

@ stuart - i didn't have that in mind, but you're right! need to get that video, nico and i will have a lot of fun watching.

and of course the m8 is rubbish, has always been - and we all are small geniuses ... :D:D

enclosed one more shot from nico from the same afternoon.



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