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M9 frameline accuracy: any better???


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I have been suffering with the M8 innacurate framelines despite the upgrade last year. Simply put, the framelines do not reflect either close up, middle or long distance reality. Maybe it was always this way and with film, you could not realize the errors as you saw the final product long after... Anyway, for those who have tested the M9, any imnprovement frameline-wise?:confused::confused:

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Well, the 75 lines are better at longer distances than those in my non-upgraded M8. I wouldn't want them any tighter because they just barely get everything in at .75 meters. I'd say the M9 75 lines are better at most distances than the M8.0 90 or 50 lines were.


They are also a different line pattern - 4 "Ls" at the corners, plus a short line leading away from the L on each side. I.E. the top and bottom of the frame look like: L _ _L(flipped).


In general the lines seem thinner or finer (more precisely cut) although that may just be because the area framed is bigger.


I can't really speak to the others because the only built-in lines I'm using right now are 75 and 135 (no M8 equivalent).

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