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My eye is now out of focus?


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Does this happen to anyone else. Today I bought a Summicron 90mm for my M8.2. I spent the rest of the day out and about in the countryside getting familiar with the lens.


Now I'm home having taken 370 odd pictures over 6 hours, my left eye, the one I close when taking the picture, is now out of focus. The right is OK.


Does everyone else have this? is there a cure? I expect it'll get back to normal overnight. I think one of the possible reasons its happened is that I spent more time focusing than I would with my other lens.



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I think you're squinting the eye, as redb said. Just close it naturally.


Another trick (awkward with M) is to hold the camera so your left hand blocks your left eye.


Best move is what Uli said: Just leave it open. (I'm assuming it's not your dominant eye, since you're focusing with the right eye.) Your brain will quickly learn not to process those data while you're focusing. And it won't cause you any problems, because it will return automatically to binocular vision when you put the camera down.

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Hello Karl, I've had this problem for decades. Whether using DSLR, SLR models, or my Leicas, it happens and it does go away. I have found over many decades with Leicas that you can shoot and focus with both eyes open and that does mitigate the condition considerably. You also can learn to focus and shoot with either eye with practice. But after a six-hour shoot - depending on your age - I don't think this is uncommon.

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I guess you are squinting a little to get the focus area sharp. If so, you would definitely benefit from fitting an eyepiece magnifier. Although I was reluctant to do so, not the least because of the cost, the 1.4x Leica magnifier certainly enables me focus more accurately when using lenses of 50mm or longer. I use the 75mm quite often, occasionally a 90mm and I can assure you that it definitely makes a difference. It is not much of chore to have it dangling when you fit a wide-angle lens, although I recommend that you stow it in the supplied little leather container.

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I get this also but mostly in bright sunlight. After having my left eye closed for a while, looking through the VF of the M with my right eye, after opening my left it is hard to get good focus with either eye.


Going into some shade for a short time fixes this.

I put it off to the iris of my left eye when closed opens all the way, wide open, and then when I open that eye it takes a short time for the iris to come back to nearly closed, stopped down, making it hard for either eye to focus correctly.

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It may have gotten dry.


If you are farsighted, you have tired out the ciliary body muscle that helps us focus. If you are 40 something then it may be related to presbyopia.


Go see your local ophthalmologist to make sure there is nothing serious going on.;)

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Normally with my nikon f100 I have to adjust the diopter, otherwise

the image is blurred.


Are there diopters available for leica.

The nikon comes with the camera, so I have no idea

which one to purchase.


If so, is it necessary to buy Leica, or are there others out there.

In the NYC area, I'm assuming B&H would be the source.



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