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Problem in image review


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I just got my M9. I am having a problem. After shooting the picture if I try to enlarge a bit the shot to look at it in detail the image shows the pixels and does not become sharp. the red light conyinues blinking and even if I try to switch off the camera the screen remains on. The only way to reset is to take away the battery.

I am using a SDHC Lexar professional 4GB. Can this be caused by the card???

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The pixel-picture is a "common" error which Leica is aware of and which they expect to remedy in later firmware update. That is at least what I got out of the Stefan Daniel interview online.


Doesn't mean the world to me as I hardly ever check focus on the small screen. I know it's in focus when I make it, so I don't have to check it.


The work the camera tries to perform when upscaling the image definitely would have the red lamp blinking. Especially if it's at the same time trying to store other pictures.


I haven't experienced the camera dying.


I sense there is adjustments and improvements to be made on picture storage because that red lamp tends to blink for a long time after a series of shot. But it haven't caused my camera to jam, only waiting time for the camera to be ready to shoot again (and also when shooting high ISO it seems to remedy some noise or something as part of the storing of the image; which all adds time).


I use Sandisk Extreme III card 16GB which is the fastest, but not the one Leica recommends as the fastest. They recommend Ultra II which is slower, but per Leica FAQ is currently faster than the Extreme III for the M9. This also, I guess will remedy itself after next firmware update.

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