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Colin Barnes

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hi everyone,

my name is Colin,and this is my first post.


i have not long got myself a m6 and i am loving the adventure it is sending me on.

i love street photography,some of the work on here is outstanding and i hope to learn a lot from reading your posts.

anyhoo, heres a pic from my first outing with the m6.


have a wonderful saturday night


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Firstly, I'm slightly disturbed by your avatar and name ('mon the Hearts:D) I am however impressed by the image, nice one. It's always raining in the Weeg isn't it??

The Scottish contingent here seems to be growing...

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wow...thanks for the quick replys!...i will post bigger next time, i thought i was ok , but i now see that it is smaller, thanks to everyone that pointed it out.


ive been on this site every day for the last week or so ,just reading and looking at people's work.ive already learned a great deal, though i have to say moving from digi to a leica is a huge step...for me anyway.

i have been shooting boxing shows for the last couple of years,but as soon i as picked up a leica i knew that this was the camera for me, so i think my digi gear is going on ebay!


wilfredo, the youtube song made me laugh!....the fella was actually singing "singing in the rain"as he was walking, thats what made me notice him.


i hope in my senior years that i will be walking hand in had with my wife, dresssed to kill and singing to her....the chap made my day


graeme, your not far off, its buchanan st, just at borders.


spo...i hope my avaitor and name didnt put you off to much?...and today i will be suppporting hearts too!!.


and yes a nice summers day of rain is the norm through here!!

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Great first post, (you realize naturally you now are expected to follow up with more winners. )


most of my shots are scaled to 800px on the long side which ever that is, some guys use 900px. this seems to be a good compromise for showing the image and still downloading quickly.


Like you, I have a M6, its a lovely camera, and for me is everything I hope for in a modern M.



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Colin -


Welcome to the Forum -- It's clear from this lovely shot that you have a very good eye. I too would like to see the image bigger (foer my small monitor 580 pixels in height is ideal). I would also experiement a bit, cropping one or two centimeters from the left to de-center the couple. May be it would work. Maybe not. I look forward to seeing many more of your photos.

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hello guys , i hope this is the right size of pic now, please bear with me, sometimes im still living very much in the past!


rubenkok, Bo, Edward, azzo ,Amado, stuny and roguewave thanks also for taking the time to add a comment, i will take anything you all say on board and hopefully learn from it.


azzo..you are so right Hearts were playing the team that we shall not name...but they got beat 2-1, losing a goal in the last minute...i wasnt happy

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