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M7 does not work in auto

John Maio

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I kept my M7 in "Auto" (i.e. aperture priority) mode for quite some time. The other day I took it out of auto and manually selected shutter speeds, I used the > . < in the viewfinder as a rough reference for exposure but wanted to try the manual shutter mode.


Now when I switch the camera back into auto, it will not allow the shutter to release.


If I turn the camera off and then back on, the ISO reading is as normal (no blinking) but in order to make an image I must turn the shutter dial manually, or adjust the aperture. It appears to be stuck in manual mode.


I tried replacing the batteries to no avail.


Am I forgetting something, or does it have to go back to Leica for service (blah!)?

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Thanks. I noticed that in manual mode, the shutter speed does not show up in the viewfinder either - just the > . < display. Depending on what speed I set (according to the available light) I get just the center dot ("correct" exposure) to light, or, conversely, if I set a particular f/stop and move the shutter off AUTO I can find the center dot.


I could try removing the dial and cleaning but since this M7 was bought new in Dec 2004, I should probably send it in for a CLA and maybe replace the DX contacts with the optical assembly. I'll call Leica service on Monday and see what that will cost.


I'f its more than a substantial down payment on an M9 I'll just use it in manual mode untill funds are fully available.


Thanks for your help!

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