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IR effects in M8m & M9


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REF: Leica M9 Hands-on Preview: 8. Infrared tests: Digital Photography Review


Interesting to note that even with the UV/IR cut filter, the "black" in M8 image is still noticeably pinkish. Is that to say that the filter was not strong enough? May be so.


The M9 + IR filter is more in line with the rest of the camera. Without the IR filter, though, it is definitely not causing a big deal of a difference but when placed side by side in comparison, there's still a hint of magenta on the black. In short, I agree that the new IR filtering glass on the M9 sensor seems to quite reasonably well. On the other hand, for the color perfectionist, keeping the IR cut filter on for the not too wide lens may be a good thing.

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It's a point I had overlooked in their review, and an interesting one.


But look at the overall loss of contrast in the M8 images. Something is changed to cause that.


As usual, there's not enough information to make head or tail of their observation beyond the single point they're making (see quote below).

a) What lenses?

B) What software version? (Likely current, but these could be older M8 shots.)

c) What filter? They say "UV/IR Filter," but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a UV/IR-Cut filter; could be absorptive. Is it a Leica filter, Schneider, B+W?

d) How did they get the images to the same relative size?


This key point from this comparison is that the color rendition of the M9 is at least as good as that of the M8 with a lens filter fitted (and arguably better) - it's certainly a vast improvement over the M8 with no filter.

In other words, don't worry about the M8 comparison pictures; they're just there to show us how much better the M9 is.


As for other high-end cameras, we're aware that both they and the M9 don't completely eliminate IR. And whatever the other points, the M9 is up to snuff in this regard. :)

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