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Snow Leopard beware


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Several batches of Snow Leopard DVD sold on the Apple Store are flawed.

This is especially true with batches from Ireland (but not only).

In any case, before installation, Google the fact to check if your batch

is of wrong breed or not.

My second DVD was from czech origin and worked well, but, a huge caveat,

I had to make an Erase Install before installing SL, because first DVD had played

havoc with my system.

2 days lost (because migration from TM could re-import system data corrupted

after that botched install, I had to do everything piece by piece).

Filed a complaint with Apple asking for a compensation.

A X1, for instance. :D

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After spending so much time to restore, I may have been a little confusing.

Sorry for that.

1. Apple Store Europe sent a corrupted DVD from one of their subcontractors (a whole batch of it).

2. SL install froze after 27 minutes.

3. Reboot : system not found.

4. Call to Apple : you have to reinstall from Leopard 10.5 install DVD.

5. New Install of Leopard works fine, but I have duplicated items all over the place. A mess.

6. Apple sends me a clean SL DVD, that installs fine.

7. Reboot. Bingo : the ø sign, meaning system is not recognized. First install corrupted the system so badly that I had to finally :

8. Erase-install to make a clean SL install from scratch.




Conclusion : if your DVD acts funny when read by the optical drive, eject it and ask for a replacement.

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Thanks, that's really scary, sorry to hear that! - Just checked and mine's a czech DVD


Best regards,



Czech batch are safe : my second one is czech too.

Defective batches are from Ireland and apparently from Singapore.

Quite a lot of them, according to Apple Care.

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