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Tri-X @200asa in Perceptol 1:2


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Hello again. First of all I apologise for taking up two threads, but this is rather different from my other recent one.

For reasons I don't need to go into, can anyone suggest a starting point developing time for Tri-X @200asa in Perceptol diluted 1:2?

I know this was used years ago, and guess this was with old Tri-X. Is new Tri-X going to behave in the same sort of way?



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I process Tri-X rated between 400 and 600 in Microdol-X (same as Perceptol) diluted 1+3 at 74-75 degrees for 18 minutes and get fabulous results. I also process 100-speed films with the same configuration and also get fabulous results. Therefore, try processing a test roll of it at ISO 200 with the same configuration and then determine whether there is satisfactory production of shadow and highlight details, both of which I get with that configuration.

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I can't comment on the Tri-X in Perceptol, but I love to develop Ilford HP5+ exposed at E.I. 200-250 in Perceptol stock using Ilford times. It gives me almost non-existent grain and creamy tonality in the 35mm format. Excellent in 120 too. Based on that, I'd suggest that Tri-X comes out also fine.

But I've used diluted Perceptol for 4x5 film only so can't comment how that affects the results. For me diluted doesn't mean ecomonical because I consider diluted Perceptol a one-shot developer while stock can be re-used.

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Marduk - you may have helped me a good deal there. Here.

Above all other film/dev combinations I think I like HP5 in neat Perceptol best of all, for the same reasons you say. The trouble is that it's rather an expensive route to pursue, but, as you point out, I could re-use it. I always used to use ID11 three times and that was fine! Why hadn't I thought of it?


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