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75 summilux version difference?


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Optically - no. Lens got slightly lighter with redesigned mount when production moved to Germany. Early 2000's Leica brochures list German version at 560g - my c.1983 Canadian E60 built-in hood tips my scales at 595g.


When I called Stan Tamarkin to check on the shipping of my 75 Wed., he said he'd received more calls about the 75 'lux in the past week than he had in the past 5 years. Get 'em while they're hot!

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It's a Canadian design, one of the few that Germany took over unchanged. As Andy said, at some point, Germany lightened the mount a bit. That's the only change.


I'm not aware of any preference for one over the other, unless one is more collectable due to smaller production volume.


It's big, so saving a few ounces (German version) can help. But optically there is no distinction. It's a fantastic piece of glass.

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Michael, I suppose this could move to the Customer Forum - but there are reasons why the 75 'lux is likely to be a killer-app lens on the M9 specifically (see Tamarkin comment above)


• Longest focal length quickly/easily focused on .68x VF

• f/1.4 to counteract high-ISO noise - gains a stop over other 75/90 lenses

• 21(24)/35/75 is a sweet f/1.4 combo on FF for low-light photojournalism

• Many folks got used to "70mm" FoV using 50s on their M8s

• Many folks got used to tight framing with the 1.33x crop - which the M9 no longer has. The 75's are the tightest framing M lenses except the 90 Macro.

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