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Bubble level + finder


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I find it very annoying having to rotate my shots in Photoshop all the time, but in most my street shots (especially those taken with the 15mm Heliar) there is a 0.5-1 degree tilt to correct. And doing for instance a 1 degree rotation in PS means that you loose pixels, doesn't it?


Thus I am considering getting a bubble level. My questions are:

Your recommendations for a bubble level for handheld shots?

Can Voigtländer's bubble level be used when taking vertical shots?

How can I mount both a bubble level AND a separate finder on my M8/M2 at the same time?

(Don't suggest buing the "Frankenfinder", way too expensive for me:()

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I use a bubble level for hand held low level shots with my 12mm as I send the horizon way off level. It has helped tremendously but as it is handheld it's not always easy to get it spot on so you may need some adjustment in PS.


You can get them online for around $20 I think and they are good for vertical or horizontal shots.


Finally, in order to use an external finder and the bubble level you will need a double cold shoe adapter I think it is called. It mounts in the hotshoe and allows you to mount two things to it, neither of which is a flash as it is a cold shoe. I just put a 15mm viewfinder adn the bubble level in mine and put the whole contraption on when using the 12mm. Cameraquest uswed to sell them as Voigtlander used to make them but I don't think they make them anymore. Stephen may still ahve some in stock though.

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Thanks for your answers!


Haven't yet found a double shoe adapter on the net, however. Voigtländer unfortunately discontinued theirs. "Thumbs up" with 2 cold shoes doesn't look ideal, it looks like it covers the exposure counter window on the M8.


And if anyone has used Voigtländers bubble level, I would like to hear how it is.

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