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The 39 Steps


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The first night of our European vacation in London (18 Aug 2009) saw us at Piccadilly Circus where we saw the best play I've ever seen--"The 39 Steps." To honor and remember the occasion I photographed my wife in front of the marquee as we left. It was late and dark and illumination was by street light and neon sign. There was a crowd outside and I shot several shots there. I was noticed and several photographers turned their long lenses on me--as I was the only one shooting film and with a Leica to boot--and I confess I enjoyed it thoroughly! [Leica IIIg, 35 Cron Asph, Kodak 160NC2, available light hand held, Sekonic L558R meter, 1/15 @ f/2, drugstore develop and scan to CD, PS4 crop and slight sharpen to upload here.]



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Thank you very much for your gracious comments.


Elsewhere in this forum, and before our trip, I said I was taking three types of color negative film (that I'd never used before). You can imagine my thoughts every time I got out the Leica to shoot--all that film was going through several airport x-rays and I feared it was getting fogged and it wouldn't be until we got back home that I would know for sure. But, as we car buffs say, I pressed on regardless and was well rewarded when I saw the prints (and negatives).


I deliberately used slowish--but 'pro'--film to minimize danger of x-ray fogging (I and my camera and film that was in it and spare rolls I was carrying were also scanned before various tours of famous places, and I had to check everything at the Casino in Monte Carlo).


Ece, great suggestion, I know what you mean, but I was emphasising the camera and film and difficulty of that shot and wanted to show the blurred passersbys and prove I hand-held a shot at that low of a shutter speed.

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Can I ask how you attach a 35 ASPH to a IIIG?

Andy, I got a screwmount version on eBay last year and have used it on my IIIg, IIIf, and II. I love it!


Doc Henry saw it mounted on my IIIg in Paris last month and here it is in Vatican Square.


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