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a swing with a view


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Its a nice shot, composition is traditional, there is a little too much darker tones to the right of the frame which slightly unbalances the scene, the sky is bland (not the shooter's fault of course), looks like a noonish day shot despite the drizzle, based on the shadows of things in the frame, giving a little too much stark contrast. There is too many similar tones behind the swing, which blends the swing into the background weakening the foreground interest.


I would say its a nice shot with room for going back in the sunset or sunrise maybe, or wait for a day with a more dramatic sky to repeat and re-try. potential is there though.

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@Harry & ken: thanks for your kind comments. And it didn't really take a lot of PP.

@Garfink: you really took some time for me! So thanks, as I'm always open for serious critique. The biggest problem (the bland sky not withstanding :D) was the tonal range in the scene. It was about noon indeed and the weather was turning from OK-ish to drizzle to pouring rain. I hoped to be back just before it seriously started raining (five PM) and that one jab of sun to make it special, but it was not to be. In this capture it was just that flattish moment that really doesn't work.


Going back ... Mull isn't that exciting and really a hassle to reach from Holland. So I'll put this photo under "a good learning moment", right after "what a nice walk this was" and "I wouldn't mind sitting on that swing during dawn".

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