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Register M9 + DL LR


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It's quite easy to get onto the Owners Login area, and in there I can recommend that one register all Leica items. This is how I keep track on serial numbers externally so if I loose something or the house burns down, I can still access my equipment list and serial numbers from anywhere in the world.


Apart from that, it's nice to get LR license and 6 months of LFI magazine for free when you register M9.


The license you get in the e-mail should work very simple. You simply copy the serial number and paste it into the Lightroom. Else I would contact cs AT leica-camera.com


One can use the serial in LR 2.0 and 2.4 and 2.5. These can be downloaded from Adobe.com and then one has 30 days free trial till it requires a serial number to continue working. I still use 2.4 because there's been reported some minor errors converting M9 files in LR 2.5 (some odd digital noise around fringing/sharpening highlights. I don't know the validity of this, but I don't have time to fiddle around with a program not fully working, so I use 2.4 and is glad that Leica is linking that version for download (not sure Adobe supply other than version 2.5 now).


In any case; the registration and everything worked from the 16th as Leica had promised.

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Yes you can. You get 2.4 and I did the upgrade to 2.5 afterwards (from inside the LR). Don't know why 2.4 is still on the website.




Don't be in too much of a hurry to upgrade to 2.5. There's a bug in it that introduces artefacts into the highlights of M9 RAW files when it's used on certain types of computer - my MAC G5 PowerPC for instance. There's a thread on it on the Adobe discussion forum.


LR 2.5 offers no advantages over 2.4 at the moment in any case as Adobe is yet to offer a profile for M9 files.

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Registration is not working for me tonight. Anyone else tried recently?


Yes: I had problem last night with serial given in documentation, which came up as 'invalid number or already registered'. The solution was to use the serial engraved on the camera hotshoe, ie not prefaced with zero as per documentation. Don't get too excited about LR: it's not as good as C1 in its latest version!

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