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My next lens


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I am hanging on to my M8, why....it works for me...I want to wait until the bugs are worked out of the M9....maybe wait until the M9.2 shows its face.....maybe wait for the M10. But the major reason is $$$$$$. However, I now have two unreal pieces of glass... Cron 35, Lux 50. I want to go wider and have been looking at a 24 mm, however, if the tree in the back yard starts to make cash, and I buy a M9, I will have to add a viewfinder to use a 24 mm. My question is if I go for a 28 mm, is there that much of a change between the 35 Cron, which is on my M8 88% of the time, and a 28 mm. I have viewed many of the posts on the M9 side this past week, and yes, this is sour grapes, but it is kind of like the guy that owns a Porsche, but it never leaves the drive, he loves to talk, look, and show it off, but he doesn't have a clue as to how to use it. As I am sure that most of you do, when you take a photo, you crop it to 175% and see if the pixels line up with the stars, just like when I go to the art museum in my town, I bring a telescope, to make sure all of the brush strokes are going in the right direction. Art is about enjoyment, not about x's & o's. Nuts, the soapbox just tipped over. Jim

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My first lens was a 35mm Cron ASPH, followed shortly after by a 50mm Cron, 35/50, like you.


I wanted to go wider and picked up a CV15. It is a great value lens (the price was right), but after about a year I felt it was too "stretchy" so I picked up a CV21 (to get me to an effective 28mm). I used the CV21 for a few months alongside the CV15, but I liked the CV15 better.


I "bit the bullet" in late July and purchased the Super-Elmar 18mm f/3.8 and the 24mm finder. That combo is "just right"--the external finder (apart from price) is not a bother to use. Both are well-made. (I especially like the 24mm finder--just feels right. People rave about the Zeiss finder, but the Leica product, again, apart from price, is great.) Surprisingly, the f/3.8 hasn't been a problem. .


This looks to be wider than you're looking to go, but I've found the 18 35 50 to be a good incremental set and wanted to share that because I was right where you are now. . . . I think the 28 to 35 difference is a "half step," although the 28 is a well-regarded lens.





P.S. Some galleries below, if you want to have a look:

Super-Elmar M 18mm gallery: Super Elmar-M 18mm/3.8 - a set on Flickr

CV21 gallery: CV21 Skopar f/4 - a set on Flickr

CV15 gallery: CV15 Heliar LTM f/4.5 - a set on Flickr


P.P.S. I wear glasses. When using the 1.25x magnifier, the 50mm framelines are comfortable. Without the 1.25x magnifier, the 35mm framelines are comfortable. Anything wider in the viewfinder window is not really comfortable for me. (Others have different experiences.) The external viewfinders *are* comfortable. Scale focus + 18mm + viewfinder combo works very well. I'll only focus the 18mm through the viewfinder when I'm trying to hit something critically in the very close range.

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I know you don't want the M9,

I would like an M9, however, at this time I can afford a new lens, but not a new camera. I think that the M9 is a wonderful idea, but the crop factor of most digital cameras, has never really been a problem for me, so for now I am quite happy with my M 8. As an aside, if you look on the M9 forum, everyone is already planning for the M10. They way that digital everything is going, everthing is almost out of date once you purchase it. But that is life in the digital age. So if I can save enough, I hope to purchase a M9, before the M what ever comes along. Thanks for all your help and advice, I have learned a great deal from these pages. Jim

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I know you don't want the M9,

I would like an M9, however, at this time I can afford a new lens, but not a new camera.




I think you might find that the lenses go up in value, and the cameras go down in value.


I wish I had purchased a bunch of new lenses, and used Nocti, 2 years ago when I got my (demo) m8.


I, too, would like the M9; but the M8 is a fantastic tool, which one should not forget IMHO.


Wait a bit; my M8 as mentioned was a demo model from Kurland in NYC; it has been faultless for me. I'd purchase a leica verified M camera again.




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