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Hyannis Seminar?


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Anyone been to or like to share knowledge of the Leica Seminar in Hyannis, MA being offered through Park Sq. Camera and Photo? Says they will have the latest gear, but doesn't list what the workshop is for? I'd love to bring my M8.2 along and share some good food and fun, but I'd love to hear from anyone who's attended/attending.



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I am looking foward to attending. Ted Grant will be the main speaker along with other interesting photographers of vastly different fields. For me photography is my hobbie and I love my M8, the original with the latest firmware update.If you need specifics, get hold of Carl either at 1-877-534-2287 or at his email: pksqcamera@aol.com. Good luck.


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I've been every year for about 7 years. I've taught at the last three and will be giving a class this year, too. It's a great time to hang out with other Leica users, borrow great new equipment, try for prizes, learn a lot from Ted, and eat really good food! If you have any questions, I'd be glad to try to answer them. The sessions usually fill up very quickly!



Tina Manley

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I would love to go. I live on Nantucket (just 30 miles off the coast of Hyannis). I have friends there that I could stay with, so I wouldn't need the hotel room. I called and asked if I could just pay for the seminars, and not the room, but that is not allowed, because of a contract with the hotel. :(

I really wish I could go - too much $ for me right now - I live so close.....


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