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Question for Sean on M9 review


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I was re-reading the review, and noticed in the detail comparison section that there appears to be much more light shone on the produce in the 5DII image (see the reflections on the green and red peppers and the green apple). Is this just the way the 5D sensor captured the image, or did the light source get brighter? I'm thinking brighter light would help the noise in the 5D appear less.



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As I mention in the review, the default C1 conversion for the 5D II is "punchier" (higher contrast and somewhat higher saturation). Each file was converted at its C1 default except that noise suppression (both kinds) was zeroed for all of the conversions. Oh, and WB for each is set from the same place on the WhiBal card.


So the Leica files come out of a default C1 conversion with less intense contrast and saturation than the Canon 5D II files. Frankly, I think the default profile for the 5D II should be toned down a bit.


The source lighting was identical for all three cameras. The tests are done at night so that the test lights are the only source of illumination.





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