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Rollei Retro 100 B&W Film?


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Kenneth, that one was take with the Summilux-M 50/1.4 ASPH.
Thank you. I have just ordered some Rodinal on line and thank you again for the advise I certainly like the whole feel that the film and developer produced. I guess it would print really well on Ilford Warmtone and with Rollei Retro 100 film at £1.25 a roll it surly has to be worth a box. Isn't often true that the old can be so much better than the new?
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Kenneth, here are two links to get you started with Rodinal:


Ed Buffaloe's article "Appreciating Rodinal" at Freestyle


and this increadible thread "Rodinal 1:100" over at Rangfinderforum.com. Make sure you read all post of P. Lynn Miller from Sydney, Australia on the thread. He knows Rodinal in and out and gives some great examples.


Enjoy and let me know when you posted your first images with Rodinal.

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Retro 100 is all 135 micron 35mm material of APX 100 last production run end 2005.

That's why the 120 roll film curls more then the original 100 micron 120 roll film material. Retro 100/APX 100 is doing very well in the Rodinal developer.


However worldwide stocks are running to an end. A film close to APX 100 is Fomapan 100 from the Czech Republic. Exposed on E.I. 80 and in Rodinal it's comming close to APX 100 and Rodinal.

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While I have not used the retro 100, I used to use APX100 a lot. In fact I standardised on it in all formats before sheet fell first, then 120, then 35mm sold out!


The film is characterised by a very smooth tonal scale giving remarkable portrait tonality. although some say it is coarse grained, I find its grain very fine in any solvent developer, resulting in slightly soft prints. great for soft portraits, but low on bite (more so than any other 100 I have used with the same devs).


I never used it with Rodinal, but did with FX-39 and also Pyrocat HD, which introduce good acutance. If I can describe it one way it would be that its tones are somehow absolutely classic B&W. It looks nothing like FP4+ and is a 'colder/more documentary' looking film to my eyes. Developed right, it can have a similar look to classic TriX but with much finer grain. There's no higher compliment.

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