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No Starbucks in Italy, so Rome is out of the contest... London would be more coloured and Mexico less technological... Seattle would be bigger...

So, I would say F. Frankfurt as well...


You're lucky Enrico! No Starbucks Coffee in Italy!


I know you're not a normal Italian guy because you don't like expresso and ristretto... but for real coffee lovers, Starbucks Coffee stings! :mad:


I hope you'll be able to keep Starbucks Coffee away from Italy!


Going back to Wilfredo's picture, even if I never go to Starbucks Coffee, I think I remember this place at Frankfurt airport... I would suppose many Leica Boys have used Frankfurt airport in the way Solms and Wetzlar... :D

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ArtZ, you're right, have been just one time in my life at Starbucks and do not like at all their brown water.

Besides it is the association of Italian coffee and bar owners that prevented Starbucks to settle in Italy. We can call this the war of "espresso" David against "brown water" Golia... :D


Getting back to the picture, it smell like Germany to me too. Wilfredo probably took it at the Frankfurt airport on his way back from Istanbul...

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well, we know you pretty well & saw some lovely portraits form istanbul....


I don't see any internal clues, except that there's a logo on the roof, which is probably unusual. What are the criteria for telling one starbucks from another? Aren't they interchangeable?




Istanbul wins. I suspected THAT someone would make this connection. I was also in the Franfurt airport making the connection to Istanbul last Spring so that too would have been a logical choice based on detective work. The truth is that I find Starbucks everywhere pretty much the same, but note how neat the Turkish dress.


Thank you all for humoring me with this silly exercise. I can certainly understand why Starbucks would not survive in Rome. Well its time for a home brewed Espresso (or Cafe Cubano - same thing).

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Hi ArtZ, there are places on earth, where the standard idea of coffee is to pour hot water over instant coffee. One really starts to enjoy Starbucks then.


In Italy, sure enough, I never had a sub-standard caffeine shot so far. The bar on the corner will deliver a decent to brilliant shot. Caffeine heaven.



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I vote for Tokyo.


Incidentally, Starbucks is non-smoking and was the first logo my daughter learnt to spot; imagine the embarrassment of being on a tram and having a one year old shout out "Starbucks!" - at least for McD she would shout "Pommes" so I think I got away with that one.

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