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Colonnade with distant sunlight


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I also like both version very much.


I prefer this one for several reasons:


  • In the other one there is another building visible between two of the columns. That's not the case in this one.
  • The other one looks more busy with all those shadows.
  • The direction of the shadows of the columns is at a slight angle to the direction of the struts (?) on the ceiling: too slight to be pleasant, too large to be ignored.
  • The other end of the 'tunnel' is more in keeping with the main theme, I believe.

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Thanks once more for the additional comments. Your comments do indeed point out the differences in the two shots, Phillip. Preferences differ of course, but I would say however that there is a building between the end coloumns in this one; the shadows and their angle is what drew me to the shot.

This shot BTW has just joined the LFI M8 Master collection.

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