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New Photographic Materials Company


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Ag Photographic. The Specialists for all traditional photo products.


This company seem very helpful and they carry a varied range at what seem like very competitive prices. It might be worth asking them if they would contribute financially to the forum. I also noted that they are selling Rollei Retro 100 asa film at a very competitive price. has anyone experience of this film?


Rollei Film

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Hi Kenneth This company are ok. I know the two guys that own and run Palm Laboratories, in B,ham, who in turn know the guy that owns Ag. They all used to work together at ICL Laboratories in Brum. They told me he is very committed to traditional photography so deserves our support. Regards Phil.

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Yep, Matt is a nice guy and very knowledgeable. He started up back in July and has had my business from day 1 as Retrophotographic are incapable of customer service anymore.


The Rollei Retro 100 is actually Agfa APX 100 from the last production run.

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Thanks for the link, looks good. I will look fwd. to ordering.
My first order arrived complete yesterday which included a requested free roll of Rollei Retro 100 asa. If I am happy with the results I think I might stock up on it at £1.25 a roll
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