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Test roll of chromes back


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A couple of days ago I received in the mail a box of chromes. I had gone out and shot a roll of Fuji Sensia with an R6.2 I had just received back from DAG. Naturally I was curious, but except for a few chromes with focusing problems, mine, they looked to be right on. I shot several where the sunlight was split with a canvas sunroof. Half the chrome was in bright New MexIco sun, the other half in shade. The meter handled it without a problem. The same applied to the colors. This was a chili fiesta and you had, red, green, yellow and some in between. Also colored articles the same you see in Mexico and south. I live only an hour from the border.

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Did you bracket? I ask, because I have 30 rolls of Kodachrome and a pair of hiking shoes in my bag today and am headed to the UK Lakes District to walk and photograph for a week. I have not shot so much transparency film in years and am curious, if people are bracketing with K25, whether they are bracketing and if so, using 1/3, 1/2 or a full stop either way.

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