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X1 in action.


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Waiting for the X1 is OK because it gives the LEICA team time to tweak essential issues of a top lens&sensor combo in a small&sleek shape


Who knows how many menhours were invested into the X1 before the 9/9/09 by comparison to other models now in the stores?


I do't buy a camera untested first for an hour, but I will not block the p&s slot in my gear bag by spending the 1,5k€ before it is in my dealer's store. The D-lux4 I gave away for Christmas makes happy pictures.


Could it be that the Easter bunny keeps Santa's promise? :)


Even if this will be too early I'll wait, because essentially I think it's worth it. No sensor+lens like this around, but I will not put up with deliberate clumsiness.



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