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My M8 under heavy heavy rain!


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It happened yesterday. I was off and I went to Palma to try some street shots. I park a bit away from the center and started to walk to the center with my wife. Heavy rain started and my wife got really unhappy, nervous and hysterical. I was getting happy. I love rain. My wife disapeard in a big shopping center looking for shoes, then she calmed down.:D I went shooting while she shopping. The rain was really strong. I had my gore-tex jacket and boots and my self made M8 raincap. Light was nice and people nicer. I took just about 15 shots in 20 minutes. I could risk a bit more my M8 than normal thinking about my new M9. But no problem my raincap is great. I got wet but not my m8.

Now when I'm waiting for my new M9, I'm enjoying more than ever my M8. I really love it and having lost the fear of damage it, we share feelings more.








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Love that first shot--great moment. Braver than me to be shooting in the pouring rain, rain cap or no. I'd chance it with the M6 (maybe). Thanks for sharing.


Is there a single reported case on the forum of a shorted-out M8 due to water leaking in while shooting in the rain?




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This is a wonderful group of pictures. I think the credit sits with a very good photographer a very good camera and lenses and great process in developing and delivering them to the net. Well done. I am very curious which lens and your process that brought them to the screen. I have already read an important forum comment today which sadly did not have pictures to offer because he said they would not display well enough. Your photos are displayed very beautifully. Your an example for all of us how to do it. I encourage you to spill the recipe.

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