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Lightroom 2.5 Bug?

Guest V64

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I have just updated to this new version - and immediately noticed that any 'over exposed' highlights were contaminated with bright red speckles and lines. Reducing exposure had no effect, and the effect was also shown in an export tif file


Here is a 100% crop from a chrome strip on a car.




Anyone else see this?

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Which camera files did you use?


The source file was an M8 RAW, exported in ProPhoto color at 16 bits TIF format.


Here is approximately the same crop done in LR2.4




I installed 2.5 over 2.4 and then 2.4 over 2.5 - in both cases I used the settings that came as the default.

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Further research on the various Adobe/Lightroom forii suggest this is a Mac G5 PPC/Tiger? issue.


Lets hope that this will not turn out to be the first step towards Adobe dropping support for this system, and we get some kind of fix, otherwise M9 users may have a problem

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It is definitely not the Highlight Over/Under exposure feature - since it appears within the exported image as well as in the LR perview

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From the Lightroom Journal, September 26, 2009: Adobe found a bug in Lightroom 2.5 that affects Macs with Power PC chips, causing artifacts in highlight areas.


Lightroom Journal: Important Note Regarding Lightroom 2.5 and Camera Raw 5.5 for those using PowerPC


The above link includes another link to an example on Flickr.


The solution for the Power PC: Uninstall Lightroom 2.5 and install Lightroom 2.4.

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