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C1 To Process... Aperture To Store

Ted W

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Though many prefer the RAW processing of C1, nobody disputes that Aperture is a first-rank DAM. Anybody figure out a reasonable workflow to make these two work together? Can you process out to a TIFF in C1 and then move it and the original RAW to Aperture? Will the metadata travel? Can the two files be "stacked" together, as if Aperture had done the processing? Maybe the answers are an obvious "yes," but it can't hurt to ask first.

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Though I switched from Aperture to LR the idea is the same. I use LR/C1 the other way around: import into LR first, then use C1 only on selected RAWs for output. Since only a small fraction of my catalog ever makes it to an output medium this works well enough for me.

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