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ELPRO 3 Macro Adaptor


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The Elpro's are really useful if you want to be able to do high quality close-ups with non-macro lenses. I take them when I travel, if I leave my macro lenses at home. The quality is surprisingly good, and they do not add any complexity to picture taking, other than using the right Elpro for the right lens/distance combo.



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I can only talk in general terms with the Elpros 1 and 2 on the 50/2. The quality was surprisingly good - I don't see why the 3 with the 90 should be significantly different. As you will see, the Elpros themselves are beautifully made and carefully designed achromatic doublets, unlike many (non-Leitz) milk bottle close-up lenses.


I sold mine (and my Macro Adapter) when I got the 100/2.8, which of course, it has to be said, produces results in a completely different league.

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I'll have a chance to play with it next week when I go up to Cayucas for a few days. It won't take up hardly any space in my bag so I'm game. :-) The lens itself on my Canon 5D II is looking like a real winner: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/people/98832-deeper-beauty-90mm-elmarit-canon-5d.html and http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/814594/0#lastmessage

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As people have said above, Elpros are cemented achromats, intended to maintain lens performance into closer range. They don't bring you anywhere close to macro, which is around 1:1.


Elpros III and IV were made for 90/2.8 R and 135/2.8 R if I'm not mistaken. One of them doesn't let you focus any closer than the lens alone would do, but improves quality in the closer focus range.


The other brings you to a slightly closer distance compared to the lens's mount.




Since they are achromats, they can also be stacked, III + IV (or other way around, makes no difference), for closer focus yet.

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