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Testing of M9


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So, today I tested the M9 a bit. First of all, high iso quality was not as bad as expected. A lot of noise at 2500, but also a lot of signal. It retains LOTS of detail at 2500.


Detail and lack of noise at 160 was brilliant.


What did I not like? the speed of startup/ready and speed of checking images. That was abysmally slow.. maybe old firmware on the camera i tried?

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The one I played with at Samy's last week was pretty comparable to the M8, I did not find it to be slow, possible the low-rez preview did come up a slight bit faster, but it did load the full-rez about the same maybe a slight slower, which kind of made since since its pretty big files but still.



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I'd like to hear from other on this -- based on my very limited experience, the newest firmware didn't make a difference. (Tried an M9 at a camera shop with old firmware, they then updated to newest, and zooming was still very slow). Now, I wasn't testing zooming per say, so can't quantify.


Would like to hear from others on this as well.

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