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In 1960 Leitz introduced the smaller and much more compact Visoflex II for both screw mount and M mount Leicas.

first illustrated a screw mount version with straight shutter lever, second and others are M mounts and curved shutter levers.

Eye level 4x and vertical 5x magnifiers were available like the third illustrated.

The Visoflex II was 22.5mm shorter than the Visoflex I which opened up new possibilities for shorter foical length lenses focusable to infinity. (65mm & 90 mm).

Visoflex I lenses were usuable on the Visoflex II by adding the OUBIO (16466) adapter.

A micro Visoflex II with interchangeable screen scientific/medical use was also available, fourth illustrated.

In 1962, E Leitz Inc. NewYork listed the Visoflex IIa a Visoflex II with a rapid return mirror, opening the way for the future Visoflex III fifth illustrated.



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The adjustable 4x magnifier for the Viso II is more useful than the same version for the Viso III - because the eyepiece adjustment does not need additional correction lenses (which are now hard to find). Too bad they did not continue the built in adjuster on the Viso III 4x magnifier, and therefore make a better product for use on the M5, M6TTL and the 7, 8, and 9.

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It does fit. Both the II and the III do use the same 'funnel finder'.


The old man from the Age of the Kine-Exakta


Thanks, I'll keep an eye open for one, I prefer the II to the III for some perverse reason.


I once owned a lens for the Kine-Exakta, lens 'head' remounted on an adaptor for screw thread Pentax!!


Gerry-who can remember FP3 :p

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